Producing educational content with vMix

Whether it be for recording of lectures or classrooms, graduation ceremonies or teaching live video production, vMix is a great solution for education institutions

Live stream your classroom

For schools and universities that offer off-campus learning, streaming of classes is very important. vMix allows you to create HD streams of your lectures that can be seen by students everywhere!

Create great classroom presentations

vMix allows you to utilise images, videos and Powerpoint productions that help creating dynamic lectures and classes. The consumption of information is important in an educational setting and by providing all the necessary information in a well presented production you help ensure great outcomes for students.

Provide a copy of your class to your students by recording through vMix

Recording classes allows students to go back and watch the lectures again. This helps improve their ability to retain the information presented. The recorded video can also be used to assess teachers.

Learn LIVE!

Giving students the opportunity to produce their own school show is a great way to introduce them to video production and broadcasting. vMix is used in many schools with children producing their very own shows that can be viewed across the campus!

vMix in Action

vMix in use at Griswold Public Schools, Connecticut

The Griswold Public School District uses vMix to locally stream Morning announcements, sporting events and other live events.

Griswold Public School

vMix and Griswold Elementary School

Griswold Elementary School uses vMix HD to produce a daily morning announcement show that is streamed locally and viewable live and on-demand throughout the district. The show is produced by a team of 4th graders that change out each month. They use virtual sets and multiple overlays to show weather graphics from a web page to using a datasource to fill a ticker with student's birthdays.

Griswold Elementary School

The Setup

  • PC : i5-4460 @ 3.20GHz, 8GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
  • Graphics : Onboard Intel HD Graphics 4600
  • Capture Device : Magewell XI100XE-PRO Standard Card
  • Camera : Sony HDR-CX160
  • Audio : Direct from camera
  • Crew : 4 Students - 2 Talent, 1 Camera Operator, 1 vMix Operator
Griswold Elementary School Setup

The show is produced with multiple keyboard shortcuts setup to bring in overlays for music, American Flag, Birthday Ticker and Credits. They stream to our local server in 1080HD.

The Verdict

Griswold Elementary School students are able to use vMix to create an engaging and informative Morning Announcements show. The new crew can shadow the existing team for a few days and are completely up to speed to take over the show each month.

GES Technology Teacher and Video Advisor Brenda Sanborn says, "vMix has been a wonderful addition to our Morning Announcements! Its format is very user friendly, allowing my 4th graders to easily navigate to stream our announcements. It's simplified what we were previously doing with 2 programs."

vMix in Action

vMix in use as high school & college broadcast stations.

WSN Live has over 50 schools in its network that use vMix as their virtual broadcast stations. Schools use the software to stream live events on campus such as athletic contests, academic awards shows, graduation ceremonies, and daily or weekly 'News Shows'.

WSN Live

vMix and WSN Live

WSN Live helps colleges & high schools stream their events by developing turnkey broadcast systems complete with vMix software. Schools have a variety of levels to choose from which utilizes the various differences of all vMix software editions (from vMix SD to vMix Pro). Schools in the WSN Live Network use instant replay capabilities, multiple overlays, data sources for real-time statistical updates, NDI inputs, vMix Call, vMix Social, and more!

WSN Live

During the past school year, WSN Live had just under 1 million viewers (approx. 903,000). WSN Live has had single events with as many as 16,107 viewers on a given night.

The Setup

The setup varies by school, but the HD Pro system comes with vMix Pro software, 4 Canon XA-40 cameras complete with professional tripods, remote camera zooms, 7" viewfinders, 2 broadcaster headsets, 1 producer's headset, 2 channel wireless microphone system for sideline reporting, Behringer UMC404HD USB audio mixer, 2 monitors (one for producer, one for play-by-play crew), and a computer tower with NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2- 4xSDI capture card, and an ASUS gamer motherboard running vMix on Windows 10.

WSN Live Setup

The events are streamed out in 1080p HD through our CDN, then transcoded to HLS for all platforms.

The Verdict

WSN Live schools are able to use vMix to create their own broadcast channels, with some broadcasting content for hours at a time. The seamless layout allows students to quickly and easily learn how to produce events.

WSN Live CEO Charlie Helms states, "vMix has allowed us to help our schools create high quality broadcasts in order to showcase their students. Whenever we hear of grandparents who live thousands of miles away being able to watch their grandchildren play a game, it confirms the tremendous ability to connect via streaming. vMix is super responsive to the needs of it's users and continues to develop better ways to broadcast."